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The price of the therapy varies greatly depending on the kind of remedy that is offered.
During your appointment, we will provide you with a number of different options for dental implants because we are aware that cost will play a role in your ultimate decision of how to proceed.
Every fee is broken out and discussed in advance.
You will be provided with a formal estimate that details the cost of your treatment in its entirety.

Some insurance providers give partial reimbursement.
It is in your best interest to discuss this matter directly with your insurance company.
Dental Implants provides a variety of payment options to accommodate a wide range of budgets.
Credit cards are also accepted here.
It is possible to deduct the costs of getting implants from your taxable income because it is considered a medical expense; this will allow you to get some of your money back.
If you are the owner of a business, you should speak with your accountant about the additional potential tax advantages that are available to you.

In general, our patients report significantly less discomfort and a much more rapid recovery time than they had anticipated.
After the first two or three days following the treatment, patients normally no longer require pain medicines, and after that period of time, they are typically pain-free.
On the day of their surgery, the majority of our patients consume solid meals.
You will feel as though you have a fresh new set of natural teeth, which will allow you to eat, laugh, smile, and generally take pleasure in life.

There are a variety of treatment alternatives available that offer improvements in comparison to missing teeth or removable dentures.
Patients who get implants from the new Same Day Teeth solution report that they feel very nearly as though they have their own set of natural teeth.
From our observations, we’ve found that the vast majority of people like the convenience and freedom that come with having your teeth permanently set in place.
That is exactly what this innovative solution provides.

Yes, you can.
A significant number of our patients who have been effectively treated were smokers.
Active smokers have a somewhat higher risk of experiencing problems than non-smokers.
During the course of your consultation, we will talk to you more about this.